Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thank you for taking time to visit our blog. Check out "Our Special Links" to see more about our sweet boys, Noah and Owen.

Kristin and Jen


Leah said...

Hey girls. I've been so encouraged by you both through the years. I'm glad to see this blog. I hope to learn even more from you. Thank you both for being so open with your lives.

Chad and Tara said...

Hi Jen and Kristin,

Thank you for sharing your stories even though it is so painful to share. I'm sure you touched many lives at the banquet the other night. I know you both have touched my life! Kristin, you were an inspiration when I went through my miscarriages and Jen, Owen helped me to be open to adopting a child with cleft lip and palate. Thank you both for being willing to be used by God!


Hope Clinic Presentation - the story of Noah & Owen

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